Broken Walls


“And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice praise or accolade? Recognition of something done, accomplished, made better because of something you did or said; yet how often do we forget to say thank you. I know too many times I forget and then the opportunity passes me by.

I ran into a friend at the grocery store I hadn’t seen in years. She was in the first bible study I ever participated in back in my early twenties. She told me of how the Lord healed her physically and I found myself later needing to ask forgiveness for the doubt that filled my heart. How I can so often keep God so much smaller, try to understand, figure out, determine the course and hold tight to my agenda. Not that I doubted her story but there was this reservation because I often see the other side of the coin in the medical setting. To cry out with the truth; I know you can Lord but even if you don’t we can trust that you are so good, sovereign, holy and worthy to be praised. To be grateful for all you’ve already done and say thank you for the victory we have in You; no matter what.

“I don’t have to fear never getting enough anymore. I don’t have to arrange for my own provision, protection, or comfort. I already have more than enough, and I always will.”
-Becoming Myself; Stasi Eldredge

It is so refreshing to read about the Israelites. They were superstars of wandering, getting caught up in sin, doubting and questioning, needing deliverance, repentance and restoration. God’s faithfulness, mercy, compassion and love never failed them.

In reading through Judges 6; Gideon’s response jumped off the page. Right after the angel of Lord appeared to him saying “The Lord is with you Mighty Warrior” –Judges 6:12. He comes back with…”Pardon me, Lord…” and he says it again later on. You can almost hear him clearing his throat…excuse me, what, I am here doing my thing, let me sit in my comforts and familiarity, let me just do what I know here at the winepress. He went on to list his doubt, confusion, inadequacies, and weakness. “I am the weakest in my family…” The Lord assured him that He was with him. He was sending him into unknown territory. That he could have peace and not be afraid as he treads unfamiliar ground. He obeyed. He went though not without questions and needing constant reassurance. So very human, but it gives us fellow humans hope.

I don’t know where His still small voice is nudging you right now. But I hope you know that there are places He wants to take you; specific plans and purposes that only you can fulfill as you listen and step. After I reached my goal weight, I had bought a journal with the world on it. In my heart I knew even if I physically never went anywhere there was a lifetime of an adventure right here in my heart with Him. That He goes with us leading the way; even if it’s smack dab in the middle of the fire or step by step walking through the wilderness.

“What you were saved from is nothing compared to what you were saved for…”

Do we still believe that He speaks, moves mountains, parts seas and can do the impossible. And even if He chooses not to; He is still worthy of all our praise and trust even with our questions, inadequacies, failures and needs. Whatever Jericho you maybe facing; whether it’s relationally, emotionally, professionally, financially, physically; He calls all of us to places where our faith in Him must be bigger than our past and current circumstances. Fixing our eyes and trusting that He is with us every brave, believing better step.

This week whatever city walls seem broken, desolate or forsaken; whatever circumstance seems hopeless as you find yourself going around in circles again and again; I hope you take time to look up, remember, thank Him, praise Him and keep walking forward in faith one step at a time; wherever He leads, no matter what.

“I will praise You, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.” Psalm 57:9

Hugs and Love,

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