Be Happy

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“It means no worries…for the rest of your days…it’s our problem-free, philosophy…” -Hakuna Matata

What is this secret to not worrying and truly being happy?

As we face the new year with roads and roads of unknowns before us; is it possible to truly be happy regardless of what comes our way? 

“You can go ahead and enjoy your life and let God worry about your problems.” -Joyce Meyer

One of the many blessings about my job is getting to meet wise people with jaw dropping stories. I am grateful I still get to keep my hand in working with adults. One gentleman saw Albert Einstein riding his bike around Princeton. Listening to the details from generations past as they sit in their mid eighties reflecting on their life and choices. I typically go back after my shift or on my lunch break to just chat a little more. I had the privilege of meeting someone once who told me about his harsh experience of being a prisoner of war. He and three other men were captured and stripped of their clothes and dignity. The enemy knew if they were naked, they wouldn’t try and escape. He went on to tell me about places of death and victimization that started as a young child. How he became a great boxer, and how to really move forward …”you gotta let it go or it can ruin you; even though some people do deserve to be shot.” Those were his exact words. He realized there was injustice in this world, the power of forgiveness was the only way forward and in the end it wasn’t worth letting any of it steal his joy. He was also one of the happiest people I ever met. He talked about his wife of 59 years. How he was blessed in so many ways. Focusing on what he had instead of what he didn’t. What he was given instead of what was lost. The best was how much he adored her. Speaking of her with kindness and respect; and crediting much of his success, endurance and happiness to her.

“I will sing of your mercy that leads me through valleys of sorrow to rivers of joy…

Just the stillness and the hunger for a faith that assures” -Jars of Clay

In observing happy people, the common thread I see is a light heartedness. An assurance. A confidence. A simple truth. No matter what. It truly is all good. I had another patient in the past who was confined to a wheel chair at a very young age; yet every time I worked with her she had a hat, shirt, mug, or something that said…”Life is good.” We laughed. We talked. I got to know her. And she truly believed that no matter what or how her story ends in this life; Life is truly good. And her life is very good. Her praise and gratitude was not snatched by circumstances.

To be a people of faith, who really take God at His word-Believing His truth. His Sovereignty. Our Identity in Him. This should bring us great joy that is truly unshakable. Yet I have to admit I don’t always live there. Immovable happiness that can’t be given or taken away in this world, yet I find myself fretting about and picking all the nail polish off my fingernails. Focusing on what I don’t have instead of Who is with me. Missing all the joy to be had and all the reasons to celebrate every step along the way.

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“Here’s a little song I wrote. You might want to sing it note for note. Don’t worry, be happy.” -Bobby McFerrin

I hope this week you don’t forget to…

Lay your worries down…

Keep the doubts at bay…

And by all means…Be happy!

Or at least we can make it our heart’s desire…

And let Him fill us and help us get there one day at a time!


Love and Hugs,



  1. Laurie says

    another winner, Kristina!! I look forward to your posts—continue to inspire :) I certainly hope to see you again—even if not on the tennis court :) Hugs! Laurie

    • says

      Thanks Laurie for your kind encouragement. Great to hear from you and I hope all is well in your neck of the woods :-)!
      Yes…let’s finally get that match going this spring when the temps are up!! Until then…keep warm and stay well; and thanks for reading and grateful you are getting something from it xoxo!!

  2. says

    Beautiful words, Kristina. So happy to have been your neighbor at Holley’s. Lovely encouragement to believe and trust, without striving, that God is working on our behalf – with us, for us.

    • says

      Thank you Tiffany. It was such a blessing to read your blog. Keep writing, encouraging and using your voice…I look forward to reading more of your posts as well!!

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