Love Validates

“Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power. Everything is for His glory.” -Romans 11:36

All the wisdom and grace of the locker room left me speechless and in awe. The movements, conversations and shared space of this particular day was a reminder that He is all around, everywhere and in everything.

“How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you.” –Lifehouse

As I stood across from a fellow Tri lover, in the midst of our verbal exchange and shared joy for such a sport, at the end of our tid bits she said “I am a cop.” I had taken notice of her tone and determination before she even spoke. When she said those words there was a pause and a weight and a look. I heard the heaviness and I saw the look. She went on to say that the physical scar on her shoulder was from the job but that is nothing compared to the mental scars. I could only imagine what she has seen and experienced as a woman on the force. The close encounters. The tough calls. The conflicting decisions. The continued ready, alert, attention where life is literally hanging in the balance daily. I said thank you but that seemed hardly enough. As she opened the door to go get her swim, I wanted to celebrate her in that moment and remind her that she is still swimming. As she walked away I felt my eyes welling up. What is this God? What does she need to hear, why am I about to break down crying for her, how can I pray for her? And it was clear as day…peace and hope. I am glad she told me her name. In her story, in her scars, in the demands and decisions of her day. He knows her name.

After my workout I was hoping to run into her in the bathroom again. I wanted to tell her about the Got the Nerve Tri put on by Chris Kaag and the IM ABLE foundation. I wanted to tell her that I’d be praying for her. I wanted to tell her how I know thank you sounded trite and condescending and I didn’t really know what else to say in that moment.

“Her behavior does not sway His delight. Her flaws do not abdicate her position in His heart. Seen. Delighted in. Cherished.” –MICI Magazine

As I heard the toilet flush, I thought maybe this would be her walking out but instead there was what appeared to be a 6 foot blonde model, with perfect make-up and the kind of boobs you try and decifer are those really real, is that humanly possible to be that thin and busty. Don’t try and figure out this medical miracle, just keep eye contact. We shared our love of eye shadow and she showed me pictures of her beautiful kids. She told me her name too. He knows her story and her scars as well. And just when I thought this lesson of glory and grace had come to an end, I saw a little lady who appeared to be in her eighties beeline it to her locker while someone else was having a beautiful conversation in another language. I wondered about their stories, their scars and where they have continued to walk in glory and grace. I had to ask the lady what was that language that was serenading and easy on the ears and she said Russian. She knew English, Ukranian and Russian. She had a wedding ring on. I wondered what dreams, visions and hopes had her here. How she liked it here. Did she have family here. He knows her story and her scars too.
I was reminded in one morning at the gym. That He sees. He knows and acknowledges every part of who we are. Every detail of our story. Nothing goes unnoticed. There isn’t a missed beat or an unknown moment. By His grace and for His glory, He is holding down the fort.

As you head into this week, I hope that you are reminded of His presence, His knowing and His so very detailed orientated eye that can never not see. And in those moments where the story and the scars seem to be too much to hold, I hope you are reminded that you are not in this alone. You never were and never will be.

“For in him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

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