Swerve Not

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for He who promised is faithful.”
Hebrews 10:23

Unswervingly-In a constant and steadfast manner-unfaltering, resolute, unflinching and unshakeable…

As I stepped out into a brand new day all read up and journaled in to face the moments ahead with lots of stability and steadfast unswervingliness, it would be this exact day that much shaky, swerving and unsteadiness came upon me like wave after wave. How ironic that as I focused on what unswervingly meant the cycle bike I found myself on was like a rocking table that needed a pack of matches. After testing three different bikes to get my ride on, I was sure I found the “right one” but much to my surprise, I landed on the most unsteadying one of the bunch. I resolved to the not so stable ride as I continued to ponder unswervingly, not without getting more and more irritated with the misaligned mechanics beneath me.

“Hold onto me…cause I’m a little unsteady. “ –X Ambassadors

I had a discussion about trying to ride straight on a broken bike the day before. Handle bars twisted leads to lots of veering off. Missing seat just brings on lots of ouchies and malfunctioning brakes are just guaranteed to bring head on collisions. Where is the steady when everything around you appears broken, off balance, rocking and shaky. As I moved through I began to think maybe my focus was off. Maybe it’s not the bike. Is my holding bringing security or is it what I’m sitting on. Looking for more glimpses of truth to shed some light on this teetering situation, I was reminded of Beth Moore’s study The Quest where she mentions some key re-calibrating questions when face with the unsteady, insecure and less than unswervingly posture.
Who told you that?
Where are you?
What are you seeking?
Why are you afraid?
How much more?

The more I find myself intimidated with uncertainties, unsteady in the steps, feeling like the ground is shaking beneath, going back to the source of asking these essential questions have been beneficial.

“Your life speaks louder than any amount of words you could ever say.”

On this particular day I also found myself on a pair of roller skates with more unbalanced swerving on every side. It became quite apparent that the more I fixated on what was surrounding me and looking for external security systems of support, the more unstable I became. It had been almost 30 years since I found myself on four wheels with strobe lights and flailing arms and rubber stops about me. It wasn’t until I decided to not perseverate on what to grab onto that I settled into the sway within me. There was a pace and rhythm and freedom that was much less intimidating when I wasn’t looking for external stability and security. It made all the difference in staying vertical verses complete wipe out.

“You’re the only One who is faithful to me.” –Jennifer Knapp

It brought back to mind the who and what am I reaching for. As the new year approaches and lots of anticipation, hope and reflection is upon us, I’m left with the question what am I putting stock in? What am I holding unswervingly to? Is it the Hope that never fails or run out. That is not in who I am, what I may or may not be doing but who I am trusting. What promises are keeping me secure. Who is always faithful, steadfast and resolute on His love for us. Regardless of our swerving, our misalignments or the broken state of our bikes. When all seems to be rocking and shaking, there is a hold that we continue to be invited to. A resolved grasp to the Hope we profess. The telling of His faithfulness and promises that keeps us secure and significant regardless of circumstance. The bigger the shake, the harder the hold. May that be the greater story told. Whatever bike might be rocking, whatever shakiness surrounds you, I hope you find the sway within and the hope that never runs out or lets you down. Cheers to the holding onto what matters most!

In approaching this new year, new decade, I’m already chewing on what will that 2020 word be that assists in the bringing vision and hope to greater expectancy, realities and life in these next live full steps. How about you? Any words to that inspire your next steps? Feel free to share…I’d love to encourage my fellow sojourners on all your forward believing better adventures!

“Our faith narratives must be protected and we must remember that no person is ordained to judge our divinity or to write the story of our spiritual worthiness.” –Brene Brown

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