Bated Breath

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“And I will fall at your feet…and I will worship you here.” -Hillsong Live Have you ever anticipated something for so long that when it actually happened you weren’t really sure how to respond. How to breathe. How to stand. Almost needing to pinch yourself in disbelief; not wanting the moment to end. “Heaven doesn’t […]


“I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend…” -Third Eye Blind After a working weekend there is nothing more I want to do than to sit down and write. Learning from others and their unique perspectives, struggles, and forward progress speaks volumes in this choosing life and believing better arena. Learning how […]

Be Patient

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“And I will wait for you…” -Mumford and Sons Sitting around a table with kindergarteners, patience must be modeled, explained and thoroughly reiterated. Constant reminders; get in your seat, wait your turn, keep your hands to yourself, shhh so and so is talking now. The jitters. The sillies. The up and downs. The busting out […]

Awe and Wonder

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“The truth is, time spent thinking about what if? is time wasted. Today I choose to focus on what is. Today is a new day with joy waiting to be discovered. Today is a new day with mercies to be uncovered.” For the month of December I vowed to blog once a week about […]

Divergent {Recap}

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“There is no fear now, let go and just be free.” – Katy Perry Another standout this year was Divergent. The whole premise of the movie; facing your fears, knowing where you belong, and passing the test. Every aspect of life and living brought into question. Vulnerability. Shame. Moving Forward.  Torn between worlds, not knowing […]

Race It Out

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“I belong anywhere but in between” -Counting Crows The hardest parts of an open lake swim is how small you feel and dark it is as you broach the merky water. From the shore it’s not too bad but as soon as you submerge, the low, waterline, the dark, distance begins to set in. The buoys […]

Beauty Bash

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You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His. You’re beautiful. In His eyes. – MercyMe Tis the season for lots of spring dances; 8th grade farewell, prom, graduation, and celebrations around every corner. The planning, anticipation and arrangements that make for such a memorable event gives plenty of time to paint that perfecto picture and […]