Live Full Journey

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After I lost 70 pounds, with about 40 to go, I started to blog about my weight loss journey at Rantings, Reflections, and Radiance. It was a place for me to share the journey and the struggle. It helped me process the choices. The weigh ins. The non scale victories. My workouts. I did a race a month and dedicated it to someone. A family member, friend, patient. I stepped out into things that I never imagined that I could, would or even enjoy doing. Yoga. Triathlons. Urbanathlon. 10krace. I still will say I’m not a runner. Just flat out hard.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and growth. That place of challenge. As I hit my goal in November I knew the journey was shifting from the weight loss to the LIVE FULL journey. Learning how to live full of faith. Full of hope. Full of joy. Full of truth. And Live Full in  the light of His radiant Love,  one day at a time. Letting go of fear and moving forward in faith. I also found on this live full journey that Triathlons speak my language. Keeping balance with this new found healthy outlet, and blogging also help as I continue in these forward steps. Grateful for the opportunity to choose life and believe better, one day time. And even when I don’t always choose the best or live the fullest’ I’m grateful to share hope in the realness, the mess ups, and the not giving up in this living full journey.



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To share the journey of  Living Full, Believing Better and Choosing Life in the everyday encounters. I hope this blog is a love story for your mind and heart. That this will be a place where you can come and be reminded of the truth that you are worth it, you are beautiful and you are loved; no strings attached, no matter what. That you will get a dose of encouragement and hope for your own choosing life and believing better journey.  This blog will be specific to that journey. Even in the questions and uncertainties, forward faith and lingering fears. As I blog about the Living Full journey I am sure I will write now and then about…

Choosing Life…those habits, choices, of better or best or whoops that wasn’t so good in the learning how to love and take care from the inside, out.

Believing Better…the renewing of the mind journey, to replace lies with truth, to feed better thoughts so we can live full and not stay stuck.

Finish Lines…races, workouts, places of challenge, motivation and inspiration that move us beyond what’s familiar and comfortable.

Live Full…risks, stepping out of the old and into the new, singing a new song, walking forward living full of love, faith, and hope.

Radiant Love…and I know more times than not I will talk about Faith. Where God is speaking into this struggle and journey. To live out of His love. To take Him at His word and keep stepping, to keep moving forward in Him. I hope to share not only experiences, truths, stories for my own walk but to share stories of those people, friends, and family, who continue to inspire me to choose life and believe better.


photo (342) “You become what your vision is…”

I love in this picture I took on the corner of where I lived in Brooklyn…”Op” though it was lit for “Open” I also see opportunity. Come in and see God’s love is always open with opportunity and unending love and grace. Finding hope in the midst of whatever struggle you maybe facing and walking through. If this is a place where you are encouraged; I hope you would keep coming back. And if you feel compelled to share, please comment or fill out the contact form to share a piece of your story. It just may give someone the hope and encouragement they need to take that next brave step.



“Because your love is better than life…my lips will praise you.” -Psalm 63:3