My Blue Sky {A Thanksgiving Wish}

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“You’re my blue sky…you’re my sunny day.” -Allman Brothers Band

This week I received the best pair of pants from The They were 50% off, and I couldn’t stop saying out loud: these pants are amazing.

The thickness.

The length.

The cut.

The waistline.


I couldn’t have dreamt of a better pair. These were not only the perfect fit, fabric, and feel but they were delivered right to my door. I wrote about how pants have absolutely, hands down, been my arch nemesis. It was such a relief to have to not walk away defeated in my pants. The impossible made possible.


This week I also hit my year maintenance of 107 pounds gone.

The impossible being made possible.

“God deals with impossibilities as we come to Him in faith. ” -Streams in the Desert

In Dr. Cloud’s book about Boundaries, he says that “with love comes freedom. And with freedom comes responsibility.”

To be loved

To be free

To be responsible.


It made me think about this choosing life and believing better journey.

Learning how to let His love and freedom reign in our hearts, to love and take care of ourselves so we can be free to love, and be responsible for this one life we get to live. And sometimes when you’ve been through the fire and have spent most of your life busting out of your pants or never quite feeling comfortable in them, you start moving to the other side where your pants are starting to fit just right.

“We spend our lives dreaming of the future, not realizing that a little of it slips away everyday.” -Barbara Johnson


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“Maybe the reason you’ve stopped pursuing your dreams is because you’re not sure if you have what it takes.” -Renee Fisher, Dream Devotional


In September I did my first half marathon. I put this race on my dream list by the encouragement of my dream/life coach, Renee Fisher. I decided to dedicate this dream distance to her. The thought of running two hours or more didn’t seem so pleasant but it was the next step in my ultimate dream race, at my ultimate dream place.

I was grateful I paired the challenge with a great friend and a fun city. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous. I wrote out my prayer the night before, had my scripture in my pocket…”Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Jeremiah 32:27) and my mantra was…”You are always my blue sky.”


Seeing God more clearly and running this race with Him, is a dream come true.

Though it was a cloudy day, it was amazing how I was surrounded by a sea of blue.


Blue shirts.

Blue flags.

Blue socks.

And after the race there was blue in the sky.


Every time I wanted to walk, every time I found my mind wandering out of the race, there would be blue just at the perfect time and place. And just like when I’m about to step down or out on this living full journey, Renee encourages me to keep moving my feet forward and not give up.


“Like me, have you ever believed something for so long that you started to live it…adjusting to a new normal is never easy.” -Renee Fisher, Dream Devotional


To even say I am pursuing dreams and living into a new identity, is nothing short of a miracle. Renee has helped me to be specific. To dream big in all areas of life.









“Please stir my heart…take me back to the fire…and bring to me recollections of joy and renew my first desire.” -Sara Groves

She has a fierce boldness about her. An influence that is beneficial for me. She calls me out on the carpet and cuts through my pile of excuses and dancing around.

One of the exercises she had me do was list the lies I was believing while combatting them with God’s truth. I still continue this exercise. She challenged me to come up with a list of 100 dreams in all aspects of life and living. (I was able to come up with 60 so far).

“It’s normal to feel awkward as we grow. When we change, grow, make the healthier choice, try a new skill or step out in faith whenever we’ve been afraid, it’s normal to feel awkward. And just because it’s not familiar doesn’t mean it’s not good.”  -Laurie Wallin

Believing better, Believing God is for us, that He has good plans for us. To trust Him with our hearts and our dreams. Wanting the dreams He has for us and our families.

So thank you Renee for continuing to help me take those forward steps. And this race was one filled with blue skies and a time of 2:09. For my first half, I’ll take it!

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9:28)

I believe and I hope you do too!

photo (467) photo (468)-Renee Fisher

“Cause you’re a sky full of stars…Cause you light my path.” -Coldplay

So this will be my next dream race. I didn’t get in last year, but I found out this week that I was selected!!! Cheers to greeting the Hudson this summer—God willing!!!

“Dear Dream-Giver Jesus, you are my Abba Father. No matter what anyone else says and no matter how I’ve been treated me, I crave your love. I want your attention and affection. Show me that I’m worth it, even when I don’t believe in myself. Help me to continue to pursue the big dreams that you’ve planted in my heart. Amen” -Renee Fisher, Dream Devotional

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I hope you keep dreaming big with Jesus.

Do you have your list?

Have you brought Him your stirring heart?


And if this is a season where you maybe struggling with a new normal, a place of transition or trial, pants that may not be fitting just right, or if you feel like all your dreams have died—may we believe that NOTHING is too hard for Him.

He can resurrect even the deadest of dreams if they are the ones He has for you. No matter what dreams are coming true, ones you’re waiting or hoping for, or those that haven’t come to pass.

May He always be our Greatest Delight every step along the way.

Our Bluest Sky.

Our Sunniest Day. 

Keep believing.

He is for you.

He has good plans for you.

May you never stop dreaming with your Maker.

And until next week friends, hugs and love, and a Happy Thanksgiving!!







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