Love Does

This week I saw a t-shirt that said “Love Does.” I wasn’t sure of the organization/cause but it was a motto that made complete sense. So thank google I found; Bob Goff wrote a book entitled “Love Does.” Love a decided action.

Love can show up when we least expect it. Meeting needs and going the distance in the most impossible of situations. On 9-11 when I took those forward steps from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I saw the opposite of what I feared most. In the immediate wake of terror, devastation and perpetrated evil I was convinced mayhem was going to break out in the streets. Every emergency vehicle and personnel was pulled to the scene. An opportune time for chaos and violence to run rampant and unbridled. Instead Love came running. Handing out cups of water. Strangers helping strangers. Love rallied together. Instead of the enemy having his complete way with utter death, devastation, destruction and despair (though it was very present) Love also stepped into the darkness. Connections were made in the face of tragedy. As my friend and I set out on that long journey across the bridge, we saw a community come together. And in time a city was rebuilt brick by brick.

Every person does have a story. Every marriage, family, community, and nation has a story to tell. How will we as believers tell a better story? How will we sing of His love and rescue in our lives even in the face of obstacles and trials?

Awhile ago a friend gave me the book Pilgrim’s Progress. It’s about a boy named Christian on the journey to the Celestial City. Along the way there are places of danger and torture, traps and nets. Threats of dying in vanity, influences, struggles and uncertainties. There was the company of the legalist, the flatterer, the talkative, the temptress. And even ignorance, humiliation and fear showed up on the scene with trials and choices around every corner. Safety and security were rarely mentioned on his journey to the great city.

A summary paragraph that packed a real punch…

“Taking shelter for the night on the grounds of Doubting Castle, they awake to the threats of the castle’s owner, the Giant Despair, who, with the encouragement of his wife, imprisons and tortures them. Christian and Hopeful escape when they remember they possess the key of Promise, which unlocks any door in Despair’s domain.”

The key of promise. As we find ourselves in doubting castle; there are promises. The keys given, but we have to turn the lock. To rebuild, to step out.

“If you rule over all” I questioned, “is it safe to complain about anything?” Then He tenderly laid His hand upon me to say, “My dear child, your only safety comes from loving, trusting, and praising me through everything. ”
-Mark Guy Pearse; Streams in the Desert Devotional

Thank You Jesus that your love is a promise we can hold onto in the midst of uncertainty. Enable us to make your love an action that creates change and tells a better story. Thank you that trusting, loving and praising you brings the safety and security we long for. Amen.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” -Hebrews 10:23

As we head into May I am excited to report Tri season officially starts. New wetsuit ordered and tires ready. Some May goals include:
1. Got The Nerve time of 1:40 or less and hopefully a faster swim.
2. Writing, grilling, believing and stepping more.
3. Tangible take home projects for my students.

Chris Kaag, a disabled Marine and founder of the IM ABLE Foundation and Got the Nerve, after being diagnosed with a neuro-degenerative disease that affected his ability to walk says…
“After my diagnosis I had a decision to make: give up and let my disability control my life or dig deep and push on. I chose the latter and through my choice to view my disability as a personal stepping-stone and not as a crutch, I hope to motivate others, both disabled and able-bodied to redefine the way they view their own personal challenges. We all have obstacles, but it is up to the individual to take that next step. The goal of the IM ABLE Foundation is to help all individuals, disabled and able-bodied, realize the potential to go further and push harder than their preconceived limits because once this potential is realized, the possibilities are endless.”

What are some of your May goals?
Let me know…I’d love to root and pray for you and your forward steps!

Love and Hugs,


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