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“Give thanks to the Lord Almighty…For He is good and His love endures forever.” Psalm 118:1

Today I completed the Got the Nerve Triathlon for the fourth time. The first time I did
this race I had lost about 45 pounds weighing in at 220. Talk about running to the trouble. Not only was I ill prepared, went into it pretty blind, I also had a mountain bike that weighed down the entire bike rack. I didn’t step out in my own strength. Any strength, ability, or hope I had to finish came from the Lord. The one who rescued my life from the pit, who without his love and grace I’d surely be toast and without a doubt sinking right to the bottom.

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“Now I know your words were my only truth…” -Wyclef Jean feat. Avicii

Today my trust, confidence, and hope continued to be Him, knowing Jesus more and experiencing Him more fully on this coming alive journey. Stepping out in faith. Having the Lord meet me in the midst of the unknowns and uncertainties. At those moments where I feel completely vulnerable and in over my head.

My prayer the night before focused on how you are everything to me and everything I need. That as long as you are with me I will be alright. It’s a win-win. I’m either here with you or there with you; with you I’m better than fine. I can move forward in faith and trust.

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“I’m running to the One who knows me…
who made every part of me in His hands.” -Blanca

My goal was to finish in 1:40 as my last year’s time was 1:46. I came in at 1:39; seven minutes faster. I’m not a real time girl but what I heard God saying to me was I am even better than you could ever imagine. That minute was a gift. I didn’t even have to finish. It wouldn’t have changed anything really. Yet He’s so personal and speaks to us, right to our heart’s desire. He knows. He is so gracious, so kind, so merciful even when He doesn’t have to be and we don’t deserve it.

Some lessons I learned this time around…

1. There is always resistance: but moving forward is possible. The water seemed to have a pull in the opposing direction. The timing chip rubbed my ankle raw, and on the run my sunglasses kept fogging up. Oh and again in my typical undiagnosed ADD fashion I had someone in the kayak point me in the right direction as I started swimming off course. But maybe without resistance we can’t know strength.

2. There is healthy community, belonging and connection. I have never been to a more positive race. The IM ABLE foundation is all about no excuses, moving more and meeting challenges with strength and perseverance. It was great to run into people from the gym, from work, even someone from high school. People who are out there pushing their own personal limits, rallying in the same gear to accomplish a decided goal. But more than ever I saw my husband at every part of the race; coming out of the swim calling my name Kristina because he prefers that over my nickname, cheering me on my bike “Go baby” and giving me a high five as I cross the finish line. I have been doing Tris for a couple years now and I assured him he didn’t have to come. But he said he wanted to. Taking pictures and cheering me on. I was reminded that true Love is all about freedom and acceptance. True love allows for growth and authenticity to live into the fullness of God’s love, grace and purposes in your life. True love not only helps you to believe better but be better. Grateful for his true love.


“You can see the world you brought to life…” Ellie Goulding

3. There is room to grow: whatever the end result. I already see points where I could improve for next year. I also heard loud and clear…”I never said it would be easy…but possible.”

And crossing the finish line to this song by Lifehouse couldn’t have been more appropriate.

I hope reading a piece of my journey encourages you to give the Lord your whole heart regardless of the struggle or whatever choosing life and believing better adventure you may be on. To let Him meet you in all your questions and uncertainties. To see that He is good and that His mercy, compassion, and love endures forever. Continuing on one step at a time.

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Blessings this week on your forward faith journey!

Love and Hugs,

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